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The Farmhouse

Avalon was built in 1876 by Fergus Cameron, fourth and youngest son of Angus Cameron of Corrieknowe. It is now owned and farmed by his grandson Hugh. Hugh is married to Meg Neill, whose surname was used as a given name for their son. Neill is now married to Fiona McPherson, but so far has no children. Neill's daughter Morag is an art student; she would like a career as a graphic artist, but more realistically realises that she may have to settle for working as a teacher.

Fiona's brother Alan, along with his Pakistan-born wife Kamala, owns a small shop. They have been very happy together although they have no children. The shop is a small and successful johnny-a'-thing in the village near the farm; Kamala McPherson runs the actual shop, while Alan McPherson works from it as a jack-of-all-trades. Morag sometimes helps out in the shop, and has sold some of her pictures there.

The farm is reasonably prosperous. Although they live in an area best suited to animal husbandry, in recent years Hugh has diversified, developing some rough grazing into reasonably fertile arable land where he grows some barley, potatoes and a mixture of root vegetables, some of which are sold in his brother-in-law's shop. He grazes a large flock of black-faced sheep on his hill ground and is steadily enlarging a herd of pedigree Aberdeen-Angus cattle. Meg has a fairly large flock of hens that have the run of a large field; she sells most of the eggs to her brother and sister-in-law, finding this easier than trying to sell them direct to passing trade.