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These are some of my settings.

Most of my houses and room boxes (and their contents) have been bought; but not all. And of course each house (and its inhabitants) has a story...

The Stone Age Cave - a setting I'm very proud of.

The Castle - still in development, but this will soon be open to the public.

The Farmhouse - owned by cousins of the family who own the Castle.

The Tenement - this is actually a six-room house, but I liked the idea of developing it as a tenement, with one room of each house showing. I've got a story for ten possible occupants. Two are already in residence; I don't know yet which of the others will move in.

Hugh Beringer's House - I enjoy Ellis Peters' Cadfael books, so a setting based in that era seemed a good idea.

The Bothy - In the days when I went hill-walking, we occasionally spent the night in a bothy. Most of these were houses once used by the various estates to house shepherds or gamekeepers but were no longer in use for housing because of the lack of basic amenities - though some were still used as a base for shooting parties in the autumn. Some of the more accessible ones were eventually provided with plumbing and electricity and either used once again by the estate or sold. With happy memories of these buildings, it was perhaps inevitable that I'd want a bothy setting.

The China Shop - One way of displaying items that there isn't much room for anywhere else.

The Loft - this, the loft apartment where the main characters in the Sentinel live - is one of several settings I've done based on TV programmes I enjoy watching.