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Hugh Beringer's House

I had several options for a Cadfael setting; something in the monastery of St Peter and Paul itself (which could include Cadfael's workshop) did suggest itself, but seemed to offer less scope than Hugh Beringer's house, though I may in time do Cadfael's workshop as well.
I commissioned the two dolls from Cassandra. Her dolls come already posed (that is, they aren't jointed) and she goes to a lot of trouble to get them properly dressed. I've had several lengthy phone calls with her while she establishes exactly what I have in mind for the various dolls she's made for me. Commissioning dolls is not cheap, but it's almost impossible to get reasonable male dolls unless you commission them; so many of the people in this hobby seem to want Tudor, Georgian or Victorian ladies for the pretty dresses. 
I soon discovered that there are very few miniature craftsmen who make mediaeval accessories. Tony Knott is one, and I got the fireplace and some bits and pieces from him. For furniture I had to settle for early Tudor - however, there doesn't seem to have been much change in the style of furniture between 1200 and 1500.

The floor is partly stone-flagged. I thought the pack I bought had enough pieces for the whole floor, but I should have got two. I'm looking out for more so that the whole floor can be done. 
Cadfael has arrived to consult with Hugh about their latest mystery, and his arrival has coincided with a meal. Again, much of the food is early Tudor, but I was assured by the folk making it (they specialise in historical foodstuffs) that what I bought was probably eaten in mediaeval times too.