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Professionals fiction

I've been a marginal fan of The Professionals since about 1980. I don't know the episodes well, and I've only written a few stories in the fandom. In the early days of Professionals fandom, most fanfiction was circulated privately - there were no zines back then, though there are some available now. If you were in a circuit, you were sent stories by someone else in that circuit, read them, photocopied any you wanted to keep, then sent them on. I wrote one or two stories that went into the circuit, sequels to stories written by someone else, and I'm rewriting these in order to post them here as stories in their own right, not linked to anything. A couple were out and out AUs, and I think I had more fun writing them than writing ones based on the actual show.

A Christmas Conversation - Bodie tells Doyle something of his history. AU 900 words

Busman's Holiday - A slightly different version was first printed in The Bisto Kids . While on leave, Bodie and Doyle are asked to help solve a crime. 12400 words

Hansom and Graytel - a Professionals rewrite of a well-known fairy tale. 5750 words

Disclaimer - Only original material is copyrighted here. No attempt is made to supersede any copyright held by holders of copyright in Professionals material.